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As said in the 26th episode of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged series: "Whatever it is I'll be seeing it in my nightmares".

You scared me.

Poor not-even-flash video.

Viewtiful-Chris responds:

"As said in the 26th episode of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged series..."

You scare me. D:

Looking forward to it.

Looking forward to watching this possible series, you've convinced me to watch them with this :P

Just like an Ad

If Newgrounds had an ad on TV - this would be it XD Awesome XD

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Not Bad.

Good music and good syncing, though some of them are just pointlessly hard. I mean The Pharaoh's Tomb is just - impossible, literally. And I can do the rest of the Master levels. But that one's just literally a BLOCKADE of objects with no escape. Speaking of escape, sometimes I get away with touching the sides of something - or are those my eyes playing tricks? Anywho, this is still a good game.

But now the worst and possibly only other flaw. The Game Over voice. OH MY GOD SHOOT ME, if you're playing a harder level. On my first few tries it constantly Ga-Ga-Ga-Ga-Gaaaame Over...Try Again....as I choose Replay several times. It is so annoying, it is worthy of taking away 3 stars from your possible 10. Really.

Other than that though, I had a good time playing this.

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Gran Turismo

Man, nostalgia rush..

It's like Gran Turismo 1 an 2 all over again :P

WarlordXMaster responds:

Haha, kinda like that. Thanks for the review! =)

Not bad.

Not a bad attempt at your first song. I wouldn't really call it Drum 'n' Bass but nonetheless, it sounds good.

One thing I wanna point out is that when the drums start building up the tension of the song (e.g at 0'07"), there's just..nothing after it. You should make the transition between these breaks more apparent, 'cos the drums build up to something that well, is the same pretty much as the part before the drums. I'd probably give a few more points if you did that ;)

Don't get me wrong though, it's still great for your first attempt, much better than mine with MY Garageband XD

Good day, Boz

p.s. mindajacko - Loops aren't the fuel of Satan. You CAN make a whole song out of them - making a good song is not about avoiding loops, if you use loops it's how well you use them, combine them and create a harmonious output. Kk thx? ;) And I think Sonic's done a decent job at it.

SonicFoxStrk responds:

thank you i'll take all your tips into thought
your review was very helpful ^^

Not bad :P

The all-too familiar loops of a Garageband entourage =)

You've got some good sections, but they aren't really put well together in a lot of cases.

Other than that, I think you've done a good job combining the loops together :)

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